Monica Dewart, CN, Certified Nutritionist

Raw Lifestyle

You were intended for paradise! And paradise is a complete package, including fresh air, sunlight, healthy exercise, restful sleep, pure water and a natural diet supplying abundant fresh, raw, organic fruits and vegetables, and the natural fats found within raw nuts and seeds. Science has not come up with a substitute for fresh air, sunlight, pure water, or everything nature already includes.

Just think about fresh air, for example. Have you ever been hiking through a wooded nature trail, veiled by a canopy of leaves over your head, dabbled sunlight breaking through, taken a deep breath in and just marveled at how wonderful it made you feel? Big breath in, Ah! Yes, that glorious canopy of leaves is producing oxygen for you. You learned that in the fourth grade. But outdoor air, natural air, is "alive," carrying charged ions, both positively and negatively charged, refreshing the cells in your body with more than mere oxygen. Indoor air, recirculated through modern air conditioning and heating systems, has become polarized. All the negatively charges have been changed, to positively charged ions. Indoor air is only positively charged, not a balance of charges, like natural air. The cells of the body know the difference, feel the difference. You were built for the great outdoors!

In nature, negative ions are generated by tumbling water, like ocean surf or waterfalls, throwing negatively charged particles into the surrounding atmosphere. The air is rejuvenated, recharged. If moving water recharges the atmosphere, what about moving air? Yes, as in lightening. As in thunderstorms. Anyone who lives in the mid-west, as I do, knows that the air is very much alive, charged, after a great mid-west thunder-boomer - a big blessing for those of us not fortunate enough to live near either a coastline or mountain range which includes a waterfall. Many people know they feel much better near "active" water, or after a storm, but have no idea why. Their cells are recharged, revitalized, and they can feel it. Another benefit of natural air is that negative ions draw other particles towards themselves, "collecting" them. Natural dust, pollen, and pollution removers, they clear the air.

Now, think about sunlight. Modern research tells us that sunlight resets circadian rhythm, the internal clock, telling us it is "day," to be alert and active. Windowless office buildings, even sunglasses, rob us of the opportunity to feel fully alert, fully alive. Wearing sunglasses prevents natural light from reaching the sensors in the backs of our eyes which tell the brain what time of day it is, disrupting circadian rhythm, and confusing the brain. Many a sleepless night is spent because the brain does not know what time it is. Many a groggy day has been spent because the brain has not been told it's time to wake up. Cataracts upon the lens of the eye are due to oxidative damage, not sunlight. And oxidative damage is prevented by antioxidants, the nutrients found in deeply pigmented fruits and vegetables.

Natural daylight, sunlight, is essential for health, not a thing to be feared. The sun is the vital source of light and energy which permits all life on earth to exist. No enormous leap in logic is required to conclude that a diet supplied to us by virtue of the sun would sustain life forms able to cohabit agreeably with that same sun. Without our exact location in proximity to the sun, the earth would be as barren and either scalded or frozen as every other planet in the solar system. Destruction to the ozone layer, which is the natural protection in our atmosphere afforded to shield us from damaging rays, either by human ignorance or arrogance, is what should be feared, not the life-giving sun.

Pure water is just as beneficial and necessary as sunlight and fresh air. Just by way of definition, pure water is not that stuff which flows out of the pipes in your home. Unless you live 200 yards from a babbling brook and draw your water up with a bucket, you must purify your drinking water. Water purifiers, especially the ionizing sort which generate a slight charge - think, "living" water here- remove toxic compounds found in municipal water supplies by filtration, creating alkaline water, which can flow directly into each cell, neutralizing toxic compounds within them. The alkalizing qualities of pure water, fresh air, sunshine, exercise, sleep, and organic produce neutralize the highly acidic toxic wastes within the cells.

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