Monica Dewart, CN, Certified Nutritionist

Raw Exercise

The body was made for motion! Natural movements for the body include walking, (hiking,) running, swimming, rowing, lifting, carrying, etc. And any exercise which can be performed outside has the added benefits of fresh air, and sunshine! You may already have a preferred method of exercise, and if so, stick with it! My experience tells me that certain kinds of people prefer certain things, and I typically "go with it" while offering options to give balance to the overall routine.

For example, naturally lean, thin people who have long limbs, small joints, and are typically taller than average seem to enjoy walking, hiking, climbing or running, usually over distance. They like sustained forms of exercise, using their limbs in continual and repetitive motion. If overweight, the weight will be evenly distributed over the entire body, and this type does not show excess weight well, nor is it common for them to become overweight. They are prone to excessive strain on the thyroid gland, and when depleted, will gain weight rapidly. Even if several pounds overweight, it may still be difficult to tell. (I was once 70 lbs. overweight, but looked about 30 lbs. overweight. This deception kept me obese far too long, to the great detriment of my health!) Typically they will prefer nuts, for sustained energy, and salads. Seaweeds restore the thyroid gland, and may need to be included in their diets. They may not eat much fruit, or enjoy short burst activities, so these things would bring balance to their natures.

Those with short, squat limbs, shorter than average stature, large trunks, and dense muscles, are built for lifting and carrying, and may like short burst activities, such as weight lifting, or upper body activities, such as rowing. If overweight, they will carry the weight around their middles, in typical "apple" shape, and across their backs and shoulders. The adrenal gland is the dominant gland in this type, and they may prefer fruit or seeds for quick energy. Removing stimulants such as caffeine from the diet assists in the repair of the adrenal glands, and fresh salads and raw nuts bring balance to the diet. Sustained activity, such as walking or cycling bring balance to their body shape, as well.

A third body type is pituitary based, and looks quite childlike, much younger than their years, even if overweight and out of shape. Excess weight is evenly distributed over the entire body and appears as "baby fat." They prefer the comfort of higher fat nuts and oils, and juices and fruits for sweetness, but may dislike salads and sprouts. Typically, they dislike exercise, but may adapt to a short burst, "social" form of exercise, interspersed with sustain activity, such as tennis or golf, so long as the focus is not on the exercise, but on conversation and friendship. The mineral content of salads and sprouts will aid in the function of the pituitary gland, and, continuing to capitalize on their social natures, keep their present activity, or adopt walking or hiking with friends, to redefine their bodies.

The last body type is found on females only, and is typified by gonadal weight distribution, the classic "pear" shape. Nurturing of others, they may be neglectful of self, relying on quick snacks of raw nuts, dried fruit, and blended foods, but may forgo foods which require more elaborate preparation such as salads or dehydrator foods. Their daily activities involve lifting and carrying of small children, laundry baskets, grocery sacks, etc. and other short burst activities. They may not feel they have the time or the inclination for sustained activity. Other that assistance with home and children, balance for them may include sustain activity exercise, like walking with their child in a stroller, or cycling with older children. Meal preparation should be simplified whenever possible, but should include some sprouted and green fiber-rich foods.

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