Beth's BioMe II

Beth loves researching in the nutrition area, and feels this will help in assisting others to move towards their feeling good again.  She is passionate and enthusiasm for the raw lifestyle.  Her aim is to work with people who are ill because she knows what it feels like to feel like crap.  She knows what raw foods thus far have done for her and for what they will do for her in the future. 

Beth got interested in the diet because of her own health problems.  She  knew in her heart that there had to be an alternative to drugs and all the supplements she was taking that seemed to have no effect whatsoever on those problems.  After reading up on the raw foods diet, Beth was amazed by the stories she read of people who healed themselves of diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, allergies, asthma, and all kinds of things.  It resonated so clearly within her that Beth knew she had found the answer.

Beth feels the body always wants to heal itself and  it can if it's given a chance.  Not only should this include excellent food choices, but also positive, feel good attitudes, and exercise.  Beth feels that a living body cannot possibly hope to thrive and remain healthy while being fed dead food.  An example is when a person can plant cooked food in the ground and nothing will happen. But when a person  plants a seed or puts an avocado seed in water it will sprout.
 Kouchakoff, a Russian scientist back in the 1930's, discovered that when cooked food is eaten, the white corpuscles (the ones that mobilize to fight infections) increase in the intestinal tract; but if raw food is eaten they do not increase.