One of the turning points to Nancy Telfer's life was the loss of her Grandmother to colon cancer. That was over 20 years ago, but it was that loss that turned Nancy to researching health and nutrition. The research started Nancy on a path of self discovery that led her from one healing remedy to another. It was on this path of self discovery that led Nancy to a lifestyle of Raw & Living Foods. Prior to a lifestyle of Raw & Living Foods, Nancy tried a variety of different ‘diets’ all claiming to be the best. Digestion problems led her to trying out this unheard of lifestyle called Raw & Living Foods. It didn’t take long and the benefits of eating foods that were packed with enzymes and nutrients were clear. The energy that you receive from foods that are uncooked is amazing. The way your body feels is enough evidence that you need to know that this is the way humans are meant to eat. Its has now been 4 years that Nancy has been on a Raw & Living Food lifestyle journey. During that time, she read as many books on raw food as she could find, and took classes (one of them being the course available at ), to increase her knowledge on this topic. It is now, in 2008 that Nancy teaches about the benefits of Raw & Living foods through a business that she started called Rawsome Nutrition. Rawsome Nutrition is not just about food though. It is about the BIG PICTURE. It combines your thoughts, with the food that you eat. Nancy teaches about the vibration of food, as well as your thoughts, and how your thoughts can change your life. She explains that everything is energy, that everything is about vibration, about your frequency. Nancy has seminars on the Law of Attraction and how changing your vibration will bring into your life what you want. Check out Nancy’s website at  for more information.


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