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Forest Hills, New York





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In Sharon's Own Words

     I have read extensively on various topics relating to alternative medicine and health issues. One of the major focuses for me was the interplay between psychological issues and how these affect a person's dietary habits. Stress, past traumas, dysfunctional back grounds and self-esteem can all influence a person's relationship with food. I know from experience that in order to stick with a healthy diet long-term, a person must learn to deal with all their life stresses in healthy and productive ways and not let diet be a crutch.

     I've learned disciplines such as yoga and meditation, and have used natural alternatives to prescription drugs to alleviate stress and depression...In order to help anyone, I need to listen to them and get to know what is holding them back...I enjoy listening and getting to know someone as this is the ONLY way I can truly help them...and provide the support and help they need and advise them in transitioning through a raw food program.  It's really about more than just changing ones eating's about transforming ones life...and I take that responsibility very seriously. I feel that with my educational back ground, and more so, from many years of personal experience struggling myself with changing my diet, and finally reaching my destination successfully, and feeling the best I've ever felt in my entire life, that I can provide support and give consultations to anyone who needs it.