Tiffany Hillman



    Over four years ago I was living on a what most people would consider a healthier version of the Standard American diet (SAD). Although I ate lots of cooked greens and vegetables I considered my self a junk food junkie and had been so since childhood.  I was extremely addicted to refined sugars bread, pasta, and potatoes.  Although I was lactose intolerant I still consumed ice cream and pizza on a regular basis.  Some of the things I suffered from was adult acne, anxiety, constant colds and flu, allergies, and constant nasal congestion.  I was full of mucus, subject to mood swings, depression, eczema, knee pain, extreme gas, bloating, and  heartburn. Pepto Bismol was my friend, I would literally drink the pink stuff right out of the bottle. I popped Tums like it was candy.  I had awful menstrual cycles that lasted longer than they should have and I experienced horrible cramps. I was also about 40 to 50 pounds over weight.


    My transition has been a true journey.  I started off giving up meat.   I would make amazing vegetarian dishes for my husband George and I.  I was still eating a lot of processed foods and a lot of sugary foods.  I don't think I really felt any better on that diet, certainly not in comparison to how I feel now.  However I must say the sense of accomplishment was very satisfying.


    After about a year, consuming dairy was not working for me so I gave it up.  It was harder than giving up the meat, but I did it and I did start to feel better.  Within that year my husband and I gave up all processed food: no sugar, no bread, and no more soy fake meats. We even gave up potatoes and rice. I gave up refined sugar cold turkey, and  from that experience I think I have a good idea what its like to come off of a hard drug.


    During the second year of our journey, after doing tons of research, George and I decided to do the Master Cleanse.  We did it for 30 days.  It was the first time I felt like I was in control of my consumption, it was the most amazing experience.  Our bodies felt so clean we were in search of the next level. After reading every thing we could find on the raw food movement online, we knew that raw food  was undoubtedly the next step of our journey.   With ten days left in our fast we converted our kitchen, we bought a huge cutting board to cover our stove. We purchased an Omega Juicer, the Vita-Mixer and a five tray Excalibur Dehydrator.


    Raw Foodism has been the biggest gift I could give to myself.  The aliments that I suffered from most of my life are 100% non existent. I am between 95-100% raw my husband is 75-85% Raw.



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