By Lisa Katherine Maier

They cry like you and I, they have the right to live and never die.

They have a prayer they have youth they, I say count to.

They were created never to be part of the hatred.

But the wish of the love that makes it through that didn't have to wait.

That their fate is not a debate.

I breathe and they breathe, don't you see or I say we are all given this day.

To each their own we are all given plants, so please watch your tone in advance.

Don't you love don't you feel, shall not kill, I wish them to stop to heal.

Save a live is to what I kneel.

I clear the lines they are my family alive.

It is so easy on plants to survive it is my way and wise.

No one and nothing ever has to close there eye.

There is truth of love and no lies.

What it is the meaning of our life is one so please don't harm.

Give everyone their right.

You can't bring them back so stop the hate say it out flat that their love will never slat.

In this world we are all different but created the birth of love of light, we are all given our souls and the right to our sight.

Their hand and their hearts please make this a world were there is no death to make us part.

Please be the love from the start.

There is no level of better of above or below, but a love of equal creation I pray to the lord will grow.

Never to leave them out do whisper or do I shout scream or pout or say their love in my heart and stand proud.

Protest and the picketing let the savor of  lives are the ones that are winning. Running to save a life, praying to bring peace at night or for there to be someone who cares to make it right.

Unravel the misconstrewity; give information to make understanding, so killing becomes ban.

Please stop the fake reality and give the need the gift of sustain, let there be teachers to make life sane, so life is not a game.

Stop the torture before a cry in time to answer the why; no one will ever have to die. The God and his creation I love purely.


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