How I stepped Into The Raw World


On January 1st, 2004 I weighed over 300 pounds.  I was having trouble with remedial tasks and everyday activities.  To top off my weight issue, I would find myself out of breath from bending, lugging and lifting my newborn son.

It was time to make a change!

I made a promise to my wife that I would get down to a comfortable weight, after all no one trusts a skinny chef! After analyzing the situation of overweight chefs verses chubby and skinny, I found some weight is good, but definitely did not want to resort to a motor scooter or a cook sitting down. 

For now I decided to take the middle road.

Currently, I am a little over 180 pounds. Loosing over a hundred pounds was not easy, it took dedication and a lot of sacrifice. Thanks to my extensive culinary knowledge, culinary degree, certificate in nutrition and international certification,  I had a lot of options for weight loss, and trust me I considered all.

I was going to use my brain to remove my fat!

After reading and studying diet plans, I decided to combine my self study to customize my lifestyle. I built a Louisiana gourmet diet. It also consisted of some comfort foods and spa cuisine.

But I soon found something better!

The diet I found most interesting and felt would work best was the raw vegan. In my opinion, its not really a diet but more of a lifestyle. So I read up on it and started to incorporate some of the diet into my lifestyle. I planted a nice size garden in my backyard which not only would supply me with a lot of fresh vegetables, it would also give me a great excuse to get outside and get some sun and fresh air.

My whole life has changed!  I have tons of energy, feel so healthy, alert and most important alive! My kitchen now has sprouts and micro greens growing in it. My refrigerator is packed full of organic vegetables and the pantry is full of nuts and seeds. I love it! 


Edward at 318 pounds After changing lifestyle