Anne's Bio


My journey to becoming a raw food “junkie: actually began many years ago when my son, who is now 28, was a baby.  I had gone to a doctor with him for a check-up, and was told to give him milk, since he was thin and I was no longer nursing.  In those days, back in 1978, I was somehow led to believe that doctors were akin to the Almighty.  To make a long story short, I unfortunately listened, and he became sick with a runny noise, eyes, and severe ongoing ear infections.  After a number of months of antibiotics, and incessant sleep interruptions, numerous doctor visits just short of installing ear tubes, we had had enough!  I had been doing some independent reading and took him off of the dairy on my own.  I also had found a soy based formula, which worked, albeit far from being healthy.  That whole ordeal, made me realize that there was a big connection to food and health.  Well, the story goes on very positively, and as a result, I became a vegetarian, and consequently, vegan. At 8, my son became a vegetarian (his own decision).  I became very active as a vegan for The North American Vegetarian Society (which is a vegan group) and began to attend their summer conferences on the East Coast on different college campuses each year.  This was back in 1982 and since then I have volunteered for this organization.  I became a member of the Board of Trustees since the mid-1980’s.  In the process, I have given many cooking classes, talks, and have worked in assisting chefs a t the Summerfest.  I have also studied macrobiotics and have served as a scribe for many macrobiotic counselors as well as an assistant in the kitchens.  Most recently, I have studied at the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute in FT. Bragg, CA and have also received certification by Ekaya Institute of Living Food Education (through The Raw Vegan Network) as a Certified Raw Chef, Raw Nutrition Specialist, Raw Food Coach, and a Raw Personal Trainer.  I have been eating primarily raw for about 3 years now and have recently started a small catering service in my community called “Rawing” to Go.  I also give raw foods classes and consultations.  I enjoy working with people and supporting them in their own raw journeys.